What is Lumin Fitness?

Lumin Fitness combines the best of group fitness and personal training, leveraging technology to deliver personalization, gamification and progress tracking in ways never before seen in the fitness industry. Our intelligent programming is scientifically proven, data-backed and delivered in a shared, sensory-driven environment that changes daily and evolves over time. We are dedicated to unique, interactive workouts that allow participants to become immersed in the experience around them while also achieving their individual goals.

Where is the closest Lumin Fitness to me?

Our first studio is now open in Irving-Las Colinas, Texas.

How much does Lumin Fitness Cost?

Download the Lumin Fitness App at the App Store or Google Play Store for more information about our introductory offers and to see all purchase options!

What types of classes are there and where should I start?

At Lumin we offer 40-minute Group Classes and Solo Sessions. Group Classes are our core offering, designed to harness the power of the pack while remaining committed to individual excellence. They feature periodized, short duration interval segmented training that is broken into different blocks along with a group warm up and cool down…and maybe even a Team Challenge if you’re lucky! Solo Sessions offer an even more tailored personal training experience, with a completely individualized workout done in the group workout space. You have the choice to complete a recommended workout intelligently programmed to your specific needs and goals – or you can customize a workout with preference settings for focus fitness elements and target muscle groups. 

We recommend structuring your week with a blend of Group Classes and Solo Sessions, as they are designed to complement each other. If you’re unable to attend a Group Class or find that Solo Session times better fit your schedule, the recommended programming you receive in Solo will ensure you’re keeping pace with the core Group program in a way that is personalized to you and at your convenience.

Are there any age restrictions to attend Lumin Fitness?

Lumin members must be at least 18 years old.

When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time to get settled and make any preference updates or movement modifications before class.

What should I wear?

Come dressed in clothes you’re comfortable working out in. This includes enclosed athletic shoes; shorts, leggings or pants; and an athletic top.

What should I bring?
  • Mobile Phone + Bluetooth/Wireless Earbuds – ideally synched in advance. 
    • Charging is available at your station, however we recommend your phone and earbuds be at least 50% charged to ensure there is no interruption to your personalized audio.
    • We do offer earbuds for rent as a courtesy for members who may have forgotten their personal set. Rental earbuds are available on a first-come, first-served basis with limited supply and must be returned at the end of class.
  • Water Bottle – filtered water is available on-site, however we do not sell bottled water or drinks.


What is Lumin Coin?

Lumin Coin is our digital currency that rewards you for completing workouts at Lumin Fitness.

Lumin coin can be used to:

  • gift trial memberships and solo classes to your friends,
  • choose your favorite station in an upcoming class
  • or purchase apparel and gift cards on our online store

Be on the lookout — even more uses for Lumin Coin on the horizon!


What type of workout will I get at Lumin Fitness?

Lumin Fitness offers a full-body, High-Intensity Functional Training (HIFT) workout focused on the core components of Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Motor Fitness and Mobility. Every workout features interactive elements that utilize gamification to reduce perceived exertion, making each workout fun, fast and high functioning.

I don’t regularly exercise or have been out of a routine for a while. Will I be able to do the workout?

Our workouts are designed for every fitness level, with all exercises being performed under the guidance of both an in-person coach and in-ear person trainer. So yes! In the Lumin Fitness App you’ll be able to preview the workout of the day and select movement modifications to meet your skill and experience level. You will also receive real-time audio and visual feedback on your technique during your workouts to ensure safety and efficiency.

I am in great shape…will this workout challenge me?

Absolutely.  No two days at Lumin Fitness are alike, and the more you work out the more individualized the experience becomes…while still getting the benefits of community and a group setting.

What equipment do you use?

Our studio features an extensive selection of custom dumbbells and kettlebells along with slam balls and other functional training equipment to support our high intensity functional training (HIFT) programming. Each individual workout station also features its own workout deck and stationary bike. Equipment used varies by day so don’t expect any of your workouts to be the same.

How many days a week should I come to class?

During your first week at Lumin, we recommend attending at least two Group Classes and one Solo Session to get a feel for the programming and your preferences.

Whether you come one day a week or seven days a week, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind workout that changes every day.

I am injured or have pain in certain joints or muscles. Can your workouts be modified to accommodate my needs?

The Class Overview you see in the app prior to and at the beginning of class will give you a demo of each exercise being performed during that day’s workout along with available modifications. You can change these manually or call your Coach for assistance.

What is a Lumin Score?

Your Lumin Score allows you to see your cumulative score across the elements of Motor Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Aerobic Fitness and Mobility. Each element comprises 25% of your total score and the goal is to have an equal balance across all elements. In the Progress section of the Lumin App you can see your current Lumin score, progress over time and comparison metrics. 

What am I receiving points during class?

When we say our workouts are interactive, we mean it! Gamification has proven to reduce perceived exertion, and it is also part of what makes each Lumin workout fun, fast and high functioning. The points you receive in class not only inform your leaderboard ranking (if you choose to participate in leaderboards), but they also convert to Lumin Coin that you can redeem for perks and rewards including station selection and early booking.

Why don't you utilize heart rate tracking?

While the technology used in heart rate monitors continues to improve, there are still instances where monitors can display inaccurate readings. There are also variances amongst heart rate monitor readings depending on the brand/type and if the device is used/placed properly. For those reasons heart rate isn’t currently incorporated into our progress metrics or visual display.

What are you doing with all of my workout information?

We believe big wins come from small improvements and close attention to detail. That’s why we take care of the remembering and tracking for you, so you can focus on the work. Your data is protected and won’t be shared with third parties.


Is the Lumin Fitness app free to download?

Certain features are only available for active members, but the Lumin Fitness App is free for all and the only way to purchase and book classes. Download now at the App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I submit an app support ticket?

To request support, please send an email to our support team at [email protected]. In your email, include a detailed description of the issue you’re experiencing, any error messages you’ve seen, and the type of device you’re using. Our team will review your ticket and respond as quickly as possible to help resolve your issue.


How do I book a class?

All class bookings are done in the Lumin Fitness App. Just click the RESERVE button next to the class you wish to attend – full classes will show a WAITLIST button instead.

How do I see the number of classes I have remaining?

You can check the number of classes you have remaining as well as modify your Monthly Membership and/or add additional Class Packs in the Lumin Fitness App. Just open the app and go More > Manage Memberships.

Do Class Packs expire?

Yes, our Class Packs do expire based on the quantity of classes purchased:

  • Single classes must be used within 30 days of purchase
  • 5 packs must be used within 45 days of purchase
  • 10 packs must be used within 90 days of purchase
  • 20 packs must be used within 180 days of purchase

In the Lumin Fitness App go to More > Manage Memberships to see the number of classes remaining and expiration dates for any Class Packs on your account.

What is your class cancellation policy?

You can cancel your class booking free of charge up to 8 hours before the class starts. Your class will go back on your account for another time. 

If you late cancel within the 8-hour block (up to 30 minutes before class starts) and you don’t have an unlimited membership, you will lose the class. If you no show you will lose the class and be charged a $10 no show fee. If you’re booking with an Unlimited Monthly Membership or an Introductory Offer of 7 Days Unlimited, you will be charged a $5 fee for late cancellations and a $15 fee for no shows. You can easily cancel class bookings from our app, either from the home screen or class schedule.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class without cancelling at least 30 minutes before class start, you will lose the class and be charged a $10 no show fee. If you’re booking with an Unlimited Monthly Membership or an Introductory Offer of 7 Days Unlimited, you will be charged a $5 fee for late cancellations and a $15 fee for no shows.

Is there a waitlist for full classes?

In the event a scheduled class is booked to capacity, you may place yourself on the waitlist for the class. Members are allowed to join two waitlists per day. The system will auto-populate members into class from the waitlist as soon as other members with confirmed spots cancel, and class slots will be assigned as such up to 30 minutes before class start. Lumin Fitness team members are not able to move members on and off of waitlists.


Do you have different membership types?

We have a variety of flexible Monthly Memberships and Class Packs. Our Monthly Memberships have no hidden fees or long-term commitment. We recommend first-timers start with our Introductory Offer of 7 days of unlimited classes to experience a variety of Group Classes and Solo Sessions. Download the Lumin Fitness App at the App Store or Google Play Store for more information and to see all purchase options.

If I have a month to month membership, does it automatically renew?

Month-to-month memberships automatically renew every month until you deactivate.

How do I deactivate my membership?

You can deactivate your membership at any time before your monthly billing is charged. Once your monthly billing has been charged, you will have to finish out that month before your membership is deactivated.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

You can modify your membership at any time before your monthly billing is charged.

The day your upgrade request goes through will become your new monthly billing date. Any active unused classes from your membership prior to the upgrade will become single classes and retain same expiration date as the original membership. Downgrades will go into effect on your next billing cycle.