Brandon Bean, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Brandon’s love of fitness and franchising was solidified during his time as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Gold’s Gym. He witnessed the lack of innovation happening in the big box gym space along with the boom in boutique fitness and saw the opportunity to usher in a new era for how fitness, franchising and technology coexist. Through the co-founding of Mixed Partners in 2019 and the 2023 brand launch of Lumin Fitness, Brandon set out combine the power of technology with the power of community to serve a growing market that does good in the world.

“This is not just another business venture for us. It’s a dream, a passion, and a mission to transform the fitness landscape. From day one, Lumin has been purpose-built for franchising, and we’re looking for a select group of franchise partners who share our vision and are as passionate about the brand as we are.”


Omeed Shams, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Omeed is an entrepreneur, athlete and technologist with an unyielding passion for building the impossible. He got an early start as a leader in healthcare technology, followed by co-founding an augmented reality and gaming company – all while competing as a CrossFit athlete and serving as a CrossFit coach. Upon meeting Brandon in 2019, the two realized a shared vision for how technology and gamification could revolutionize fitness.

“At Lumin we’re not keeping up with the latest – we’re defining it. Our team has the passion, conviction and perseverance to solve the impossible every day, and we’re all united in using technology for good.”


Craig Sherwood, Chief Development Officer

Craig has more than 20 years of franchise development experience across the fitness and restaurant industries. Under his leadership as Chief Development Offer at Gold’s Gym, the brand saw its most successful global franchising expansion in the company history. Craig has witnessed the development of Lumin from the beginning and is excited to return to the fitness industry with a brand poised for rapid growth around the world.

“Seldom in your career do you have the opportunity to be on the ground floor with a company that will change an industry – particularly one that you have both a personal and professional interest in. Lumin is revolutionizing both fitness and franchising, and I had to be a part of it.”


Taylor Cummins, Head of Operations

Taylor has a personal commitment to fitness and franchising, having owned and operated one of the first F45 franchise locations in Dallas and assisted F45 corporate as a Territory Network and Franchisee Performance Manager. Taylor also offers an extensive background in real estate and construction project management. 

“Something missing in the fitness industry today is differentiation. Most of the boutique fitness concepts out there are pretty much the same. There may be a TV or a leaderboard but nothing truly interactive. At Lumin we’re offering something the world has never seen before, and our technology enables us to deliver a better caliber of coaching and programming.”


Anthony Sequera, Head of Franchise Development

Anthony has always had a love for the health, wellness and fitness industries. In addition to being a long-term CrossFit athlete and coach, Anthony held sales and development roles at Ascent Protein, overseeing the central U.S. territory and serving as the National Account Manager for Orangetheory Fitness.

“I experienced Lumin in its early stages and thought ‘man, this thing is going to change the world.’ We’ve built this brand to set our franchisees up for success, and I’m excited to be able to give people the opportunity to own the future!”


Allison Dickson, Head of Brand Marketing

Allison brings over 15 years of brand marketing experience to Lumin, having served in leadership roles for domestic and international brands including Gold’s Gym, Nothing Bundt Cakes and Palm Restaurant Group. During her time at Gold’s Gym, she also served as a key leader of the brand’s franchise advisory council, directly overseeing the national ad fund.

“From day one, Brandon and Omeed’s vision for the future of technology and fitness was clear, and every step of the way we’ve designed this brand with two audiences in mind – our members and our franchisees. It has been amazing to be a part of this team and see this brand come to life.”


Andrew Brown, Head of Creative

Andrew has always had a personal mission of leaving the world better than he found it. He co-founded an augmented reality and gaming company with Omeed and is also the founder of Hope Water Africa – an international water drilling company. His role at Lumin marries his passion for human-centered design with the opportunity to make a direct impact on the present and future of fitness.

“I love putting myself to work on a new challenge – and building the World’s Smartest Fitness Studio at Lumin Fitness has certainly been one for the books! I’m super proud of what we’ve created, especially the unique and interactive environments our members can immerse themselves in while working out.”


Hassan Alkhayyat, Head of Technology

Hassan brings over 25 years of deep expertise in Big Data, Machine Learning and AI to the Lumin Fitness team. Over his career he has been responsible for the masterful design and implementation of multiple cutting-edge intelligent and luminary platforms.

“At Lumin we harness AI to transform fitness in our modern tech-driven world, bringing the future into the present.”


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